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Receive a Free Signature Brand Audit from our Partner A.Point Marketing

When business owners call and ask me to design a brochure or other marketing piece, I often ask questions about how this project will fit into their overall marketing strategy. There’s one simple reason that I do this: I want to know I’m actually helping them.

Over a century ago, department store owner John Wanamaker quipped, “Half my advertising doesn’t work … I just don’t know which half!” Many of today’s business owners have the same problem—when they don’t have to. New technologies allow for a phenomenal level of tracking for any piece of marketing.

But to benefit from them, you need to have a marketing strategy in place, which is where my friend Ann Gusiff comes in. Ann owns A.Point Marketing, and focuses on the importance of strategy before tactics. (And by the time somebody is asking me about a brochure, they’re well into the realm of tactics.)

As an authorized Duct Tape Marketing Consultant, Ann offers a free Signature Brand Audit that can help you start thinking about a marketing strategy for your business, so you know that each piece of your advertising has a purpose and actually supports your marketing goals.

To really jumpstart your marketing strategy, Ann will also be presenting her half-day marketing bootcamp, “7 Steps to Small Business Marketing Success” this Friday, April 27, from 8:30-11:45am in San Rafael. I will be joining her, along with Business Writer, Brandon Wilborn, to talk about branding and marketing messages. We will repeating this presentation again on Friday, June 1.

If you’re interested in attending, please register in advance. Even if you can’t make it, I encourage you to get your free brand audit at